Influencer Relations – Engaging advocates that make a difference

What people say matters. But what CERTAIN people say can matter even more.

Influencers provide important visibility and advocacy and can exponentially expand a brand’s following and market reach.

Pop Culture influencers are a key marketing component but are as varied as the products they endorse.

Celebrities, journalists, industry luminaries, creators, and “superfans,” can have massive followings across Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, TikTok and YouTube. They can be leveraged to create buzz and brand awareness. Engagement of “Brand Ambassadors” also adds an impactful dimension to an omnichannel campaign.

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MediaLab identifies effective and authentic Pop Culture influencers for your brand.

MediaLab connects your brand with these influencers to make an impact to drive sales magnify brand visibility and brand messaging.

MediaLab manages existing relationships with influencers across major pop culture genres – movies, music, video games, comics & graphic novels, anime & manga, and toys & licensed consumer products.

MediaLab engages a “best of breed” stable of nano, micro, and macro-influencers based on criteria such as: applicability to your brand, audience size & reach, notoriety within a targeted consumer market, producer of noteworthy original content

MediaLab develops comprehensive marketing actions to drive attendance and complement your show presence across critical press, social media, and influencer channels.

MediaLab can provide support for your event with full on-site A/V production, booth event management, and management of featured talent, press junkets & influencer engagement.