About MediaLab Public Relations

MediaLab Public Relations delivers a comprehensive and scalable range of marketing communications solutions for pop culture brands that include custom-tailored media and publicity outreach, social media management, influencer relations, digital marketing, digital media creation, and live and virtual event production and support.

Founded in 2007, MediaLab has raised the impact and visibility of client brands across a diverse array of leading digital, print, television & radio outlets as well as global social media and influencer channels. Past and present clients have appeared in major outlets such as CNN, Wall Street Journal, N.Y. Times, L.A. Times, SF Chronicle, Time, Newsweek, MTV, E!, Forbes, Entertainment Weekly, WIRED, Inside Edition, KRON, KABC, and many, many more.

We approach every project with an exceptional level of commitment, focus, and drive that reflects each of our team member’s own deeply held passions for pop culture. From video games, comics, graphic novels, and sci-fi to anime, manga, collectibles, cosplay, TCGs, KPOP, and JPOP, we are deeply steeped in multiple genres of pop culture, and we possess the marketing acumen, insight and contacts to ensure that your brand resonates with the markets and fans that matter most.

Notable Pop Culture Clients Include:

VIZ Media


Epic Records

Crypton Future Media


Yen Press



Bang Zoom Studios

NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation


Sony Music Entertainment Japan

Avex Group Holdings

Chace Audio

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