Digital Marketing – Keeping customers engaged

The intersection of pop culture and digital marketing is an extremely competitive space. It is a constant battle for mind- and market-share. Once you have it, you must work hard to retain it.

Whether you are launching an entirely new brand or product, or you want to expand channel mindshare and market visibility, or focus on a specific market niche, MediaLab can help.

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In pop culture, it is critical to leverage effective digital marketing channels and to understand each one’s needs, capabilities, and role in the overall customer experience.

MediaLab develops personalized, omnichannel, consumer-direct digital marketing initiatives that emphasize the uniqueness of your product or brand and engage fans and customers in meaningful ways.

Is the marketing objective purely informational or promotional? Is the goal to drive sales or increase brand visibility? Do marketing needs also require publicity and social media and influencer integration? Or a combination?

MediaLab maintains active relationships with legions of fans across multiple pop culture genres to leverage crucial user-generated content. We give fans a “voice” in campaigns and utilize their passions to incubate new cohorts of grass-roots brand advocates.

MediaLab specializes in diving deep into fan and customer culture. We develop campaigns based authentic messaging and nurture the Brand-Fan relationship and energize their purchasing journey to set the stage for lasting customer relationships.

A data driven strategy makes the difference. A successful campaign is shaped and driven by data.

MediaLab delivers timely analytics and insights on the impact and visibility of your brand across all digital platforms and consumer markets. Data is continually updated to provide stakeholders with a real-time, ongoing, and accurate analysis of where a campaign is trending and where new opportunities exist.